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The Diane Dress, Geode Collection, Petite

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This dress is The Diane Dress, in The Geode Collection. It is handmade, using a luxurious, high quality, cream linen blend. The weight and drape of this fabric is pure perfection. After constuction, this dress was hand dyed in gorgeous shades of purple and pink. The result is reminescent of a beautiful geode stone. For an added touch of whismy, the dress was then splattered with chartruese paint, and, the same color yarn was stitched around the pockets and neckline.  This dress is one fun dress! It’s flowy fabric and adustable fit allow it to span many sizes, fitting them all perfectly. Meticulously sewn, The Diane Dress boasts adjustable straps and fit, couture seams, and pockets. But the BEST part about the Diane Dress are it’s 8 sets of ties you will find on the underneath side, allowing it to be bustled in countless ways. Also included is a handmade, purple, braided cotton rope belt that gives you the option to accentuate your waist for a beautifully flattering fit.  The possiblities are endless with how to bustle and wear this gorgeous piece. This listing is for the petite size. The measurements were taken straight across, from one seam to the other, with the piece laying flat. They are…bust, 16″; waist, 18″, hips, 22″. To know if it’s the right size for you, double the measurements and allow for at least and inch or 2 of wiggle room. The appoximate (due to the fact that the straps are adjustable) length of the dress unbustled, is 51″. And with it completely bustled, 42″. Please keep in mind that the model (it’s me. wink.) is 5’9″, and can still wear this dress. It will, however, fit differently on someone who is shorter…the bustled area in particular.

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